About me

My name is Brian Dowling and I run House of Ren (formerly Exit8.tv). A video production company focusing on event/ festival film, wedding films and corporate overview films for social media and SEO.

I started off at a young child being inspired by my father with his film camera. I saw how much an image sparked off a conversation or pulled out emotion. I learned throughout the years that I can use so much of my own imagination to tell a story. I see how we all connect with each other through digital media and how we learn so much about each other with the content we share.

I enjoy creativity more than anything. I believe in creating something new everyday and it drives me to be a better story teller and idea generator. Nothing excites me more than to start with nothing and end up with something inspirational with video and audio combined that connects people. I love giving people memories to re live over and over.

I get so excited to see how I can help a business connect with its customers. I refresh social media pages way to much to see video views and comments. I learn so much every time I produce video work for a business or service. Customers want to smile when they see visual or video content from a business, they need to feel the need to share it give others the same feeling. I’m inspired by corporate adverts that connect with the viewer personally.

I feel very privileged to to be invited to make a wedding film, to tell a story that often the bride and groom themselves don’t witness because the day moves to quick. I want a couple to re watch their wedding film over and over, to give them memories that will last forever.

Events and festivals draw like minded people together. It’s where I love to learn about people. It’s very inspiring to be side by side with people who are passionate about music, and arts, it makes me feel passionate about what I do myself creatively.

“I am a visual story teller, what inspires you, inspires me.”