Built for Speed

So here it is, welcome to the new site and blog.

Built for Speed

So why you might ask. Well its basically a matter of speed. I have been using WordPress based themes for many years now and while they are a great way to start a site and blog they have many limiting elements. The first being speed. WordPress is incredibly slow to load. My last site would take minutes to load, and by that time, the viewer would most likely be gone. I just couldn’t have that anymore.

Built to Connect

This new site has many new features built in currently and more coming to improve customer service. The start a project page was built to help clients give me just enough information to help me work out a quote. I wanted to make things really easy for people. This feature is going to get better and even allow clients to give me a full brief before pre-production starts

Fixing a Problem

While so many of this site features are built under the hood for speed I have many ideas and will be updating as the months go on. WordPress is limited by the features of WordPress and it’s third party features but I feel I am a creative person and not everything it offers suit me and a video production business.

Blogging in the future

You may have seen very few blogs from me over the last year. This is mainly done to not having a very stable platform to write, and a site that’s extremely slow to load.

I am really excited currently, excited for up and coming productions and looking forward to blogging them

Look out for site updates and news coming up for the future

Get in touch with me for all your video production needs


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