Cathy & Alan’s Wedding Film

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First a bit of back story. I have been filming weddings for a number of years and have always wanted to produce the perfect cinematic wedding film. I’ve produced good films for couples but always felt a bit lacking or the feeling that I could do better.  Wedding films are in essence a short film. To make the best film possible there just needs the perfect mix of elements.

I feel the perfect combination of elements consist of meeting the couple and really clicking with them, getting a couple who are willing to go the extra mile to add their own elements to the film, a beautiful venue and all the guests.

When Cathy & Alan asked me to be their wedding film-maker it was like a dream come through. They really were the perfect couple for me and the style of film I wanted to make. Cathy sent me sample films to see if I could do the same, and she trusted me even do my portfolio wasn’t exactly up to scratch. We had our meetings and back and forth emails. I didn’t hesitate to say yes to everything they wanted because it was like having my mind read.

On the day Cathy and Alan were just so wonderful to be around for the day. They were open to all ideas. I love that they were not shy in front of the camera and let their personality let loose. I love that the whole day was planned within Raheen House which is also Cathy’s childhood home and my favourite venue in Clonmel. The ceremony was extremely personal, with poems written by Cathy herself and her sister Orla. The lads put so much work into all the details, from the photos hanging on the Christmas tree to the flowers everywhere. New Years Eve has to be one of the best nights of the year to get married, filled with confetti guns and all.

The editing was both very challenging but also extremely rewarding. I edited this film like nothing I’ve done before. I love the poem written by Cathys sister Orla. I’ve never heard of anyone doing this before, but I decided to edit the vows like they were spoken together, to indicate that now the couple are one. This is also the first wedding film that I used a vintage film effect. I think with effects it needs to add to the film and not distract. I have to say the venue and Cathy and Alan have been a huge inspiration while editing.

On this film I was very lucky to have my partner as 2nd video shooter. Berit is amazing photographer. See her website here,

Filmed in: Raheen House, Clonmel

The following is feedback from Cathy after watching the film for the first time.

“The video is absolutely fabulous!!!! Incredible, beautiful, moving, everything I wanted and more!”

Thank you guys for inspiring me to be the best that I can be and I hope the film is special for you in year to come.

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