Drone Expo Ireland 2016


Learning is something I do everyday, and drones are one of my big interests during my time off.

I was recently at the RDS in Dublin visiting the first Drone Expo in Ireland. While it show wasn’t exactly very big it was packed full of everything you would want to see. From the consumer level drones right up to the army spy drones.

I had a great chat with the army team who gave a fantastic demo on how they used their drone to seek out and spy on what ever they would want to within a 15k distance. I was very much interested in the technology that keeps the camera locked onto a subject even when the drone is fly and such high speeds.

These kinds of expos are fantastic for connecting people with information and I have to thank the guys at iFly Technology for their time in answering all my questions.

All in all it was a fantastic event. Looking forward to the next one already.

(Below is a film produced completely on an iPhone 6s Plus.)