Golden Winter light in Dingle

Wow! Oh my goodness Brian, absolutely bawling each time I watch it! It is absolutely amazing. You captured the day so elegantly and perfectly. Dave and I will be forever grateful for the work you have put into this video. It’ll be an heirloom for us and will be so cool watching it with our kids in years to come. I can’t wait to show the video off. It is such a precious memento. I have cried each time I watched it. How you managed to time the voice overs with footage of the day, really captured the essence of the day and the romanticism. As you know, it was an especially special day for us with being from other ends of the globe and you ensured we had an opportunity to observe the day as a spectator now, and know why it was such a wonderful day. We felt it on the day, now we can see it and feel those emotions again. That is so wonderful. Not a dry eye with Dave’s parents either. We are showing it at a family occasion the weekend so it’ll be so great to share our day with those here in Australia that couldn’t make it.

Erica & Dave

I am so happy that you were our videographer. You saved the day for us and captured it so romantically, which was what it was. We had so many people fly in from the other side of the world, and if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't know most of them had been there. Thank you for just being so amazing professionally and personally. You are such a lovely human and a talented professional. I wish we could do something so much more to repay what you did for us on the day and for the rest of our lives! X


I can’t express how happy I am to share this film today. Erica and Dave’s wedding inspired me so much that I edited this project as a personal film and a gift to this beautiful couple for allowing me to peek into their lives for just 2 days. Erica and Dave were surrounded by the most fun bridal party, who in turn was surrounded by friends and family who loved them very much. This day started off with sunbeams shining through the clouds as I drove towards Dingle to start my day and I just got this feeling, the feeling this day is going to be really really special.

Filmed as a two-day package with surfing on the first day. I was delighted to be given a chance to make a film about Erica and Dave that represents who they are. For me, it’s all about story and when I can tell a beautiful story it makes my job so much fun.

Hold onto that feeling