Inspired in Iceland

I have just gotten back from the most amazing adventure in Iceland. I try to plan a trip around October or November to reset myself after a busy wedding year and I have to say I feel so inspired by this country. I will go back for sure.

They say your best ideas are when you are doing something else. I think in Iceland it’s impossible to look in any direction and not feel totally amazing by just the scenery. We hired a car and just drove the whole south cost taking in the black sand beaches, plane crash from the 70s, the diamond beach, glaciers, national parks, waterfalls and the great geysers. We went on a wild trip without too much planning and just followed where your thoughts took us.

Iceland is one of the most amazing countries in the world for sure. You can’t help but fall in love with it. Beauty like this has a price though. It is wild but it is also very dangerous. Last year I traveled to the red sands of the Sahara desert and this year I walked along Icelands black sand beach. The contrast of pure white water and black sand is spell binding, it sort of puts you in a trance. We walked at what we thought was a safe distance from the water when a sneaker wave rushed us and almost knocked us over coming me up to my waist. I tried to run but with fear of being knocked I stopped and held my ground. I found out after that this beach is in fact very dangerous with at least one person dying every year from waves pulling them into the sea.

We were very lucky. We got to see the northern lights twice. This is a dream come true for me. We drove an hour away from our hotel to visit the glaciers and have a clear sky unspoiled by lights. Its not hard to find a clear sky unspoiled because Iceland has very few residents in this part of the country.

See teaser film for my holiday below. It will be updated when my editing software gets updated to use iPhone footage.

All photos except northern lights taken by Berit Alits

P.s Can someone please book me to do a wedding film here. I know my way around