A couple of world class Irish dancers

You know you never know what will happen on a wedding day.

I arrived to the brides house for morning prep and only then did I learn the couple were actually world class Irish dancers and thats how they meet. I have this passion for trying to create a better story of each couple. It would be nearly impossible to know everyone in such a short time period but I’ll always try my best.

I actually love dance in all forms but funny enough I don’t have a lot of experience with Irish dancing despite coming from Ireland myself. I know film making can be an art form but I really believe that dance is one of the most creative forms of art and expression.

I’d like to think that given any chance to tell a better story I will go for it. Thanks to the photographer on the day Gary Collins for tipping me off in the morning that the couple were Irish dancers. Gary was an old friend of Damien (the groom) and danced with him on stage for many years and fair play to Gary for putting down his cameras and joining in.

Well done to Anne Marie and Damien with all your friends. You guys blew the roof off the Dungarvan Park Hotel.

This film has since gone viral and published in The Irish Mirror, Irish Independent and The Vow IE