Is this really 2019

January 4th 2019 is special for more that the fact that its the last wedding of the season and the first wedding of 2019.

I started off on my 20 minute journey in from my guest-house to Dingle to film the first wedding of the year. I was on a complete high from the day before where I already filmed Erica and Dave surfing the day before and it was special to say the least.

First time adding a day before add-on season to show more of the couples personality. I went home after filming the surfing to actual edit it to show the bride at the morning prep. I was in such great form driving, thinking to myself I must do a drone shoot going into dingle when I looked up to see beautiful sun beams shining through the clouds on Dingle bay. I pulled into grab the drone and the rest of the day was just as epic.

This short instagram film was editied over dinner on the wedding day and shown on loop in the ballroom on my laptop. It was such an amazing day with massive thanks to the amazing Erica and Dave and I am so happy to have captured them grabbing a wave together for the first time.