The wedding story of Rachel and Padraic

My own thoughts on this film

I love making fun filled wedding films, full of celebration. I am doing this long enough to know how to put toghter a wedding film that my clients love and I am proud to share. But from time to time a wedding day comes and it inspires me to such a level that it get lost in the edit.

All the excitement for todays started when Rachel enquired. She was so excited for her big day and asked could she add one element to her wedding film. She wanted to get interviews done at some point during the wedding day. I said "of course" but "could I do it my way and with complete creative freedom"

Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle

I have so much experience filming wedding days, but some of them don't always go to plan. It could be that the weather puts a spanner in the work, today had a fair share of challenges for me, and also for Rachel. Despite all the challenges it was truly the best day everyone could of had.

I truly love my work, I love the opportunity to push myself to make the best narrative/ story that I can possibly tell from a wedding day. Today is the day I feel so proud to release this film.

It was a day full of challenges but once I got to the interview part of the day I know I had something golden. I knew I could produce something that I was so proud of and it would really tell the story of Rachel and Padriac.

It's a story about love, its a story about friendship and growth. It's got all the elements. Conflict, resolution, the pursuit of each other in their life and what it means to have found each other. Imagine finding something that has the ability to fill your life with everything you ever wanted and more. A relationship should be about working hard but Rachel makes it easy for Padriac.

As a film maker, I want to push myself. I want to bring the viewer on a journey. I push myself to find connections in the words that are spoken but also to show multiple stories in the words and images meaning that each time the couple watch their film they might feel something new and fresh. Padraic talks bout seeing Rachel for the first time and how much her beauty has never changed, I want the viewer to hear these words about Rachel but also for Rachel to feel the same feeling about Padriac and the side story of the bond she has with her grand mother (who is in her 90s) I want the image of Rachels niece to represent herself when she was younger and running up to give her grand mother a hug or a kiss. Rachel's words " I want someone who can make me happy and make me smile" I want these words to be directed at Padriac but also to her family. This is just an example of subtle editing that have so many meanings depending on how the viewer feels on a day. I want to weave in and out throughout the day and as Rachel puts it "It moved like a piece of poetry"

Only the interview part of this film was directed. Also a few seconds of the photoshoot. The rest was just capturing the day as it was..


I wish words could express how moved and emotional the video made us. You managed to show us every drop of love, beauty, emotion and fun that came to us in spades on the day, you made us laugh, you made us cry.. The way you wove words in and out of delicate intimate moments was nothing short of poetic. It moved like a piece of poetry, words weaving in and out of  a visual feast. I particularly love the little spoon call back!

I remember saying to padraic the next day that I wish I could just bottle the feelings of love and remember every second from the day, That is exactly what you've given us. A bottled symphony of love. 

We are also so aware how challenging it was for you to create this Brian, and how much of yourself you put into creating it. We cannot thank you enough for putting so much of your time, patience, skill, vision, creativity, and ardency into creating something so special. 

Rachel and Padraic. 

Hold onto that feeling