Three days that changed everything

On March 19th 2018 I drove to Kilkenny with my partner Berit Alits (photogrpaher) to go to a conference. A conference for wedding photographers and film makers. I was expecting to have a great time and meet loads of people all talking about the industry.

I really did get to meet so many super talented people from Ireland and abroad. But I also got something that I wasn’t expecting. I found my tribe. I heard speakers that opened up my mind in ways I couldn’t have expected. I left with tears in my eyes overcome with emotion that I am part of such an amazing group of people. I left feeling I wanted to evolve and change.

“Do not think that you can’t achieve that of which the masters have achieved, remember the masters are human two” Yamamoto Tsunetomo

I was deeply moved and inspired by this amazing event. It all came down to a party, when all photographers, film makers, event organisers, and speakers danced, jumped, and sang all together on the dance floor. It was in that moment that it hit me. Dancing all together on the dance floor made all my anxiety, and fear disappear as I jumped together with people who I believe are out of this world talented. As I looked around the room to see some of the speakers on the dance floor with us I felt maybe one day I could achieve something great in my currier. All of these talented speakers started off just like me, practiced and believed in their own ability.

I feel so inspired by this event in my life. I absolutely love wedding film making, but now I love it even more. I want to make this year all about making stories that move people the way I was moved at the Islanders conference.

House of Ren is the new name for exit8. I came home from the conference and spent nearly 5 days on my own going through every kind of name possible that I would love. “House” comes from: editing house or production house. “Ren” is a Japanese name for a boy meaning lotus/love. I have some lotus petals in my tattoo and the logo of the phoenix makes up most of my tattoo.

Here is the film from the conference by none other that my favourite wedding film maker Story of Eve who is my inspiration not only in Michaels work but he also helped guide me to find my new brand name.