Triona and Paul at Step House Hotel

This wasn’t a typical wedding, it was an extraordinary wedding.

The first person we meet on the morning was Paul the groom. Paul was so happy to be marrying Triona that he couldn’t hide his joy in the morning and the whole family was in on the secret.

Both Triona and Paul couldn’t help but smile all day as their family and friends joined them in an amazing day. You can see it all over everyones face that they were so proud and happy for the couple.

I could edit this wedding in so many ways but I knew for sure it had to start with my favourite drone shot of the year. I knew Paul was having the time of his life when he asked me “he could you do something really epic with your drone on this bridge”

This wedding was done with team mate Berit Alits as a photo/video package. Get in touch if you are interested in hiring a team who are used to working with each other.