Wedding film package

The Films

  1. Short film
  2. Documentary film
  3. Speeches

The Short film

The short film is the main film I produce. I use elements from the whole day and some dialogue from vows and speeches where possible to make a story driven short film. Every short film is different because every couple is different.

I try to edit each short wedding film to show the emotion and fun of your day.

Documentary film

The documentary film is a much longer film. It can be anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour plus. The length of the film depend varies because each wedding is different. Some weddings have more footage because they are all in one venue and others have travel to and from venues meaning I film less. It’s edited in order of the day, from morning prep to dancing.

I cover from first dance plus 30 minutes. This usually covers everyone who will reach the dance floor however if you feel that more coverage is required you can add on time to your quote.

The Wedding Day

On the day I am relaxed and friendly so as to get the most natural footage of you, your family and guests. I give no instruction or demands at any point except some casual posing during the photoshoot to help you feel more comfortable and show you in the best light. Every wedding is different because every couple is different, so I can be as low key, or as fun as your own personality. My style usually complements photographers who have a documentary style. I also help photographers throughout the day to gather family together etc and can often make their job a little easier. I have been told many times that I add to a wedding day as well as being almost invisible.


Each wedding film is delivered on a wooden memory stick with a hand made wooded box.

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