Wedding films, My new love

As you might have noticed my work has changed in the last year. I also wasn’t able to blog about it but last year I was doing a lot of corporate work for a PR company. While I’m happy not to be doing this sort of work anymore it did teach me some valuable skills. Work flow and speed.

Now I feel complete. I’ve moved onto wedding films 100%. For me its the challenges on the wedding day, the amazing people I meet, the community and my own ever evolving editing techniques.

I feel very privileged to be able to truly love my job. I’d like to thank all the lovely couple and guests I’ve meet over the last year and I look forward to many many years of doing this.

I’d also like to thank two people who have inspired me to work harder. My friend Stephen Delaney who built this new website and my girlfriend Berit Alits who is an amazing photographer. I love working with Berit throughout out the day.

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