A wedding I will never forget at Castlemartyr Resort

When arriving at Castlemartyr Resort for Dervla and Joe’s wedding I never thought this day would go the way it did. I never thought I would become a part of their wedding day story.

This was Dervla and Joe's big day, a day they have been planning for a few years and it’s finally here. Dervla and Joe were surrounded by their closest friends and family and it was perfect. What was about to happen next was going to show them how special their bond was.

I arrived as normal for morning prep. I greeted everyone and as usual, asked ” Has your photographer” so I can say hi. I was sure he was on his way but I got a sinking feeling. With the help of Instagram stories unfortunately I discovered that he was actually in Galway and not in Cork. It was the dreaded double booking that is our worse nightmare, unfortunately.

Dervla planned her dream wedding. Of course, the dream wedding was still going to happen but the feeling that all the memories may not be captured was too much to bear. I would never wish this on anyone but it happened and we had to come together to get through it. This had already happened at a previous wedding and I guess you could say I learned how to deal with it. So I got everyone together for a pep talk. The truth is this will be a magical day regardless. The only thing I could do is become the person who could steer the wedding back on course. Quickly everyone got on their phones to see who might be available. I am blessed to know so many photographers in the industry that when the name Egla (white cat studio) was mentioned I said yes! and tell her to come. I will be forever grateful to everyone that morning who followed the advice and forever touched by how supported the family/bridal party was for Dervla.

While I took photos and video, hair and makeup got back to work. We lost 30 minutes but I have to say the team really helped with the family/bridal party coming together to make this dream wedding come through.

Brian. We feel incredibly lucky to have had you with us on our wedding day. From the minute you arrived in the bridal suite your kindness and attention to detail were palpable but I had no idea of what to come! To say you saved the day is an understatement. We can never thank you enough for your reassurance, advice, time healing, and most of all your kindness. You totally steadied the ship and made sure we all stayed on track and got back to enjoying ourselves. We are forever grateful for everything you did that morning, and you had barely started filming yet. Throughout the day we hardly knew you were there and your guidance was fantastic. Our wedding film is far beyond anything we could have dreamed of. We are transported straight back to the day when watching it. You captured the most amazing moments and memories and we can never ever thank you enough. We had the most amazing day of our lives and a massive part of that is down to you. Thank you so much. Love Dervla and Joe.

Dervla & Joe

Dervla and Joe got to witness the love and support they had from everyone. In my mind, this is what true family love is all about. I got to witness real love, real joy, and support all wrapped up in glorious golden light all day. I will never forget how trusting everyone was with me. This film will always remind me of what a true wedding is all about.


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